Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice – Top 10 Moments and Assorted Musings

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Game of Thrones fans got yet another amazing episode last night in the form of “The Queen’s Justice,” which forcibly removed more than a few players from the board while also pushing the narrative closer and closer to its still unknown conclusion. I personally found this episode to be one of the best Game of Thrones episodes to-date, and easily the best one of this shortened seventh season so far. There were all sorts of memorable moments, but I managed to whittle them down to 10 of the most key ones, plus a handful of assorted musings of note. I’m forgoing a video this week due to how many top moments there truly are in this episode, so you’ll have to bust out some reading skills to take them all in. Have at it champions of Westeros!

Top 10 Moments from The Queen’s Justice

(Listed in chronological order)

1. Daeny and Jon’s First Meeting

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This is an easy choice for this list. How could the meeting of the supposed Ice and Fire duo not be? We weren’t disappointed either as this first interaction was full of posturing, but deep down it felt like these two would eventually become allies. First, Daeny had to flex her muscles though, so she wasn’t too pleased by the fact that Jon didn’t come to bend the knee. Jon also wasn’t to be swayed by the Mother of Dragons, who at first must’ve seemed like an entitled little girl to him. It wasn’t until Daeny apologized for her Father’s transgressions before Jon started to see that she too had suffered greatly to make it to her current station in life.

These two have sort of mirrored each other, and we as the audience know that both of them are righteous types of people, but they don’t understand that yet, which made this exchange so deep and informative. Jon knows what the North and all of Westeros is about to face, but no one believes him, so he’s left feeling like a looney toon, while Daeny just wants his pledge to take on Cersei. Neither understands the stance of the other at this point, but I think eventually Daeny will come to understand what Jon has been pitching her about the Night King. Although, I think she will still need to resolve the Iron Throne situation before she can get behind the idea that an army of the dead is coming to kill them all.

Unfortunately, the scene ends when Varys informs Daeny about her losses at Dorne, so she more or less holds Jon and Davos as hostages, albeit privileged ones. I was still a bit disappointed in her for how she received Jon, but deep down I understand her misgivings.

2. Euron’s Gift

Well, he promised a gift for Cersei in the first episode of this season and he paid off on that promise by the third episode by delivering Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei. If you remember it was Ellaria who poisoned and killed Myrcella, so naturally a revengeful person like Cersei would appreciate the opportunity to exact vengeance upon those who have crossed her. Thanks to his offering Euron is officially made a part of Cersei’s army, and is commanded to lead her Navy. He hasn’t won her hand yet, but she did tell him he could have her after they win the war.

I’m still not sure, actually I’m positive that Cersei is just using Euron as a means to an end for wrapping up her war against Daeny. I just don’t know how she’ll go about screwing him over yet. He commands a massive and deadly fleet, so she must be careful about how she takes him out, but I just don’t see her willingly marrying him and making him King. It’s not her style, plus we know she still is a Jaime Lannister type of gal, so there’s no way she ends up with Euron before the show wraps for good.

3. The Queen’s Justice

Thanks to Euron we got to see why this episode is titled, “The Queen’s Justice”. Well, we could argue that most of this episode’s closing act was all Cersei’s justice, but the scene with her and Ellaria and Tyene Sand definitely embodies the title better than the rest. This was a vintage Cersei revenge scene, and it echoed if not went a bit more evil than what she did with the Septa towards the end of last season. You know, the zombie Mountain’s new play toy!

She absolutely works over Ellaria and uses one of her own tricks against her daughter Tyene as she poisons her in the same manner that Ellaria poisoned Myrcella. Cersei was pure evil incarnate in this scene, but as a parent her wrath was somewhat understood. Her method of torture for Ellaria though just goes to show how freaking brutal Cersei can be if you cross her, so this scene above all others in this episode perfectly showcased the treachery and hate that fill her soul. We all foolishly may have felt that Cersei got hers when she was locked up by the High Sparrow, but as she proved at the end of last season and throughout this season, she’s not one to be easily defeated in the Game of Thrones, and at this point she’s definitely winning.

4. Brotherly Love

I wavered on whether this moment should be an assorted musing, or an actual top moment, but I opted for the latter because of how the scene played out. I’m referring to Cersei’s ravenous sex drive after she got done torturing Ellaria and murdering Tyene. She is clearly intoxicated by her recent victories, and it causes her to brazenly live as she wants to live as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, which means she is no longer worried about showing her love for Jaime in public. Jaime was definitely taken back by Cersei’s lack of caring in regards to keeping their love affair and most recent romp in the sack a secret, which goes to show that even he is a bit perplexed by her cockiness. The whole exchange just felt very Queen Cersei-ish, and showed us how comfortable and confident she is with her power, which will more than likely bite her ass in the end.

5. Cersei Deals with the Iron Bank

The exchange between Cersei and the Iron Bank is definitely a key one, only because it shows that she definitely does know how to play the game, and that she can play it like a pro. Hell, even the banker kept comparing her to her Father, who we know to have been one of the most masterful game players of all-time. What Cersei manages to do in this scene is lock up the confidence and the coffers of the Iron Bank, which during a time of war is everything. If you have cash you definitely have the edge in a time of war, so Cersei cleverly makes the case for the Iron Bank to back her over her enemies, and she makes a deal to pay back all of the debts owed to the bank, which yields another top moment we will discuss later in this piece.

6. Jon and Daeny Take Two

Jon and Daeny eventually have another discussion, this time alone, which I think helped both of them make their cases to each other. It just seemed that they didn’t have the pressure of being leaders of people while talking one on one, so they were able to work on their fragile relationship. We must also consider Tyrion’s work prior to this scene, as the dwarf provided council to both of them to help each see the other’s case and hopefully reach some sort of alliance. In this scene his work pays off, and while Daeny still doesn’t fully believe Jon’s stories about the Night King and an army of the dead, she does seem more open to working with Jon and allows him to mine the dragon glass he originally came to ask about. I feel that Jon also realized Daeny’s drive to take back the Iron Throne, so while Jon is more or less her prisoner guest, I do think he is starting to understand who she is and what she stands for, so it’s only a matter of time before the goals of each become the goals of both.

I’m still not sure these two are headed towards love, but I think this scene definitely gave us a glimpse of these two being much more friendlier with each other after their rocky first meeting. As a fan I loved seeing them just talk alone, and I kept wishing that they both knew Jon’s true parentage, because obviously that bombshell can change everything. I think we will get that revelation before the end of this season, and I can’t wait to see how it ultimately plays out.

7. Another Stark Reunion

The episode finally made its way to Winterfell where we got to see another Stark reunion. It may not have been between the two Starks you first thought when you heard Sansa being called to the gate, but it was an awesome reunion to see regardless. I definitely got emotional when I saw Sansa light up when she saw Bran and smothered him in a hug. It was just as touching as Jon and Sansa’s first reunion, and it was one of those few happy moments for the Starks that this series has produced. You have to remember that these two haven’t seen each other for years, and that both of them have gone through hell and back en route to finally returning to their home.

Unfortunately, Bran lost his personality while becoming the three-eyed raven, so he kind of shocked Sansa with his lack of emotions. He turned down his claim to Winterfell, which she gladly offered up to him, and he tried to explain who he has become, but Sansa could hardly understand what he was talking about. That’s until he creepily tells her that he witnessed her marriage to Ramsay, which served as a means to explain his powers to Sansa, while also effectively reinforcing to her that he is no longer the Bran Stark she grew up with.

8. Sam the Healer

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How could you not smile during the scene where we learn that Sam’s treatment of Jorah’s greyscale worked? This was one of those few happy moments that the show has sparingly given us over its seven seasons, and it also reinforced how good of a man Sam truly is. It was also fantastic to see Jorah healed, because while he did make some mistakes, he really has been a champion of Daeny, so as a fan I’m pleased that they will be reuniting. I’m not sure how that will go down, they may leave it for a dire situation in which Jorah comes in and saves the day while ultimately sacrificing himself, or he could just causally show up at Dragonstone next week, but I’m opting for the former to play out.

I also just want to mention the handshake between Sam and Jorah, which I found to be an amazing moment, albeit a subtle one. It just proved once again how good of a person Sam is, and how he cares for those in need, especially if they’re people he knows or friends of people he knows. He risked his life to save Jorah, and felt so confident about his work that he was willing to touch the man who could’ve gave him greyscale if his treatment didn’t fully work. What a classy move!

9. Jaime’s Trick of War

Towards the end of the episode we get to see Daeny’s forces storming Casterly Rock as they planned. It starts with Tyrion narrating the battle as he envisioned it while planning, which we got to see play out in real time. It seemed that Tyrion’s planning was enough to take down his family’s home, and it was, until his brother’s plan was fully revealed. As Grey Worm and the Unsullied finished off the last of the garrison at Casterly Rock he realized that they weren’t facing the bulk of the Lannister army, which Jaime cleverly moved to Highgarden to help him take down the Tyrells.

This has grave consequences for Daeny’s forces, which have now been greatly reduced and scattered thanks to Euron’s capture of Yara’s fleet, as well as his forces laying siege to Casterly Rock, which has no larders, and no means to allow the Unsullied to hold it, so eventually Daeny will lose Casterly Rock, which clearly wasn’t as important as a target as they all that when her battle planes were being set. She is hemorrhaging units as the Lannisters keep scoring easy victories that most of us thought would be much more difficult considering all of the machinations of war she had with her when she arrived in Westeros. The Lannisters clearly are still apt at playing the game of thrones, and Daeny is not, even with the help of a Lannister, so things are looking more and more dire for Daeny and her followers.

By taking Highgarden Jaime essentially killed off one of the Lannisters biggest threats from Westeros, while also gaining its riches to pay back the Iron Bank. This helped Cersie pay off on a promise to the Bank, which will surely now fund her wars moving forward. While we all may have thought the Lannisters would get their due at the hands of Daeny’s force, it appears that payoff won’t come anytime soon, and that Cersei is easily one of the best game players to ever sit atop the Iron Throne.

10. Revenge in Defeat

The final top moment of this excellent episode comes right at the end when Jaime gives Olenna Tyrell poison to kill herself after he took her castle and lands. While it seems that he has won the day she leaves him with a few words that sting him deeply, proving that once again that the Queen of Thorns will always get the last laugh. She tells him as she herself has been poisoned that it was her and her alone that poisoned his son Joffrey, and that she wanted him to fill Cersei in on that fact. It was vintage Olenna, and the only way she could have possibly gone out, so I felt that the character got a great sendoff even if it meant that the Lannisters scored another crucial blow against Daeny and her followers.

Assorted Musings

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

This episode was packed so full of Game of Thrones awesome that I had to limit the top moments to 10, but there are plenty of assorted musings that I quickly want to touch on that fans may not have picked up.

  • Tyrion and Jon’s reunion on the beaches of Dragstone was a classic and reinforced their bonds as outcasts in their own families.
  • How can you not love Dragon dive bombs? Jon and Davos reacted perfectly to Drogon letting them know of his presence.
  • Melisandre’s prediction that Vary’s will die in Westeros, along with herself, proved shocking, even to him, who is a man not easily shocked.
  • Euron Greyjoy continues to be the greatest character of Season Seven and his twat line about Theon was one of the best in this episode.
  • Speaking of Greyjoys, Theon was picked up by some, but they don’t appear to be with Euron, so his fate is still unknown.
  • Sansa’s ability to lead was showcased perfectly as she commanded those men around her to do her bidding, she’s definitely as smart as Tyrion reminded us earlier on.
  • Sam may have performed a very difficult procedure, but that didn’t win him any awards from the Arch Maester, who rewarded him with the job of hand copying hundreds of decaying scrolls.
  • Tyrion, like Euron, is adept at one-liners, and his line about giving him 10 men and he’ll impregnate that bitch was vintage Tyrion and perfectly delivered.


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