Have you ever had a dream where you’ve been shot, stabbed, or burnt at the stake?  Come on, I’m not that disturbed, I can’t be the only one who has experienced these vivid dreams.  Well for those of you that haven’t experienced simulated trauma via your own warped minds, there is a new gimmick coming soon just for you.  Believe it or not it’s geared towards the gamer crowd.

Apparently, some company is working on the, Tactile Gaming Vest, which will simulate the trauma that your in-game character takes on your own body.  Through various mechanical devices and inputs this vest can make you feel every bullet you take, every knife slash to the gut, and heat from a fire source.  Talk about a great reason to [slider title=”camp”]Not camping in a tent with a bunch of hillbillies.  Camping in the gaming world refers to shit heads that will either hide at your spawn point and keep killing you over and over as you re-spawn, or tuck themselves away out of view and keep picking you off.  These types of gamers are usually snipers.[/slider].  The idea sounds pretty entertaining, but I tend to already be a bundle of nerves while gaming, so I don’t need the additional stress of getting shot from my Tactile Gaming Vest.

I guess for you cutters and masochists this toy could be right up your alley.  It would also make sense for use in military training.  Unless you take your shooters ultra-seriously I don’t really see many gamers going for this.  I’m not positive, but this vest seems to be for the PC and not the consoles.  If you’re up for it when the vest comes out pick one up and shoot the shit out of yourself, you psycho!

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Gizmodo]


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