Gameloading: Rise of the Indies Releases Trailer, Seeks Funding

GameLoading cover

GameLoading cover

There is nothing better than a good underdog story. The idea of an unknown rising up and taking on the giant powers that be is one that resonates with almost everyone. In the case of the games industry, the sudden boom of the indie market is an underdog story for the ages. Some of the highest rated games of the last few years have been made by small, relatively unknown developers who slave away for years making a game for the sheer love of the art – not the potential profits.

A new documentary, entitled Gameloading: Rise of the Indies, aims to bring more attention to the ever growing indie gaming subculture. GameLoading is about the trials and tribulations of developers who work with small budgets and how they change the face of the games industry, as well as how the public views gaming as a whole.

GameLoading’s creators, the Australian StudioBento, have huge hopes for their documentary. After spending more than a year in pre-production, planning and shooting local interviews StudioBento aims to head to the States for PAXPrime and IndieCade, then to Europe for interviews in a handful of countries. Australia, The United States and Europe is just the tip of the iceberg for GameLoading, however, as StudioBento plans to cover the rapidly growing indie scene in Japan before returning home to finish the last of the Aussie interviews.

StudioBento has already interviewed a diverse cast of characters, including Obsidian’s Chris Avellone and EA’s Trip Hawkins and plan to interview many of indie gaming’s heavyweights. Among those slated for interviews are Jens Bergensten (Minecraft), Ian Dallas (The Unfinished Swan) and Justin Ma (FTL).

With such grand plans, StudioBento has taken to Kickstarter in hopes of raising funds for the next phase of filming. StudioBento hopes to attract support from others who are passionate about the ‘indie-stry’ in order to finish their documentary.

In the interest of showing their progress so far, StudioBento released the first official trailer for GameLoading, which showcases three developers at 2013’s GDC Play. The teaser trailer and the studios in it are a great representation of what to expect from GameLoading once the film is finished.

More information about GameLoading: Rise of the Indies can be found from documentary’s Kickstarter page and the first teaser trailer can be found below.

GDC Play:

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