It’s time for another Holiday Weekend Apple App Store Fire Sale!  Gameloft is offering a handful of their HD iPad games for the insanely low price of $0.99!  These holiday weekend game sales are going to send me to the poor house, but how can I pass up HD iPad games that usually run for $9.99, at the low price of $0.99?  You can hardly get a decent fast food item for $0.99 these days, so the thought of scoring a high end mobile game for my iPad for less than a dollar is too hard to pass up.  Even with all of these holiday fire sales on iPad apps I have yet to spend more than $60 on iPad games, and if you consider that I have close to 60 games that could be worth up to $200 at full price, I’d say that I’m doing all right.

The heavily discounted Gameloft games for sale during Father’s Day 2011 are:  Order and Chaos Online, Fast Five the Movie: Official Game, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Eternal Legacy, Fishing Kings, NFL 2011, and Real Soccer 2011.  Now I didn’t go nuts this time around, but I did download the Gangstar game, Spider-Man, and Eternal Legacy.  I have yet to play through each one, but for $0.99 I’m not going to be upset if they are as much fun as cleaning food particles off of your Grandparents’ lips.

They all look wonderful on the iPad 2, so now all I have to do is play them and the other $0.99 games that I have been amassing since I first purchased this magical device.  It’s safe to say that there won’t be any dull moments for me over the Summer break.  Take a look below at some screenshots for the 3 Gameloft games that I grabbed today for peanuts, and if you dig them just click on their titles to download, or click here to go to Gameloft’s site on the App Store.  You’ve been given a reason to make money…

Gangstar Miami Vindication

GTA for the iPad! Not That I Like GTA, but it was Only $0.99!

Gangstar Miami Vindication Trailer



Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Blah, Blah, Blah, Spider-Man..

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Trailer



Eternal Legacy HD

Final Fantasy Clone? Sure Why Not?

Eternal Legacy HD Trailer


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