Software company BlueStacks treated avid Android users with the release of GamePop, Android’s own independent gaming console.

The Silicon Valley-based firm is known for bringing more than 750, 000 Android apps to Windows. Through GamePop, BlueStacks positions itself as a “Netflix for gamers.” It will run a customized version of Android 4.2 so it is capable of running all the top mobile games on the market. The company’s compatibility software allows these apps to run smoothly on the television. Its design appears to be reminiscent of Ouya and Boxee box made by D-Link.

There is a difference on how the product is being sold. Instead of users paying for the whole thing up front, they can get the entire package for free as long as they pay a monthly subscription of $6.99. The whole package contains the console, the controller, and the 500 games which BlueStacks claims are worth $350. Players will also be able to use their smartphones (including the latest Samsung Galaxy S4) as an alternative controller.

The unveiling of Gamepop will surely make players happy. Apart from using their smartphones as a controller, they can enjoy their mobile games from a bigger screen. This will surely look great if you’re playing a full graphic game.

Introducing GamePop

However, experts from Android Police raised concerns about GamePop. They said that not all game apps are already written to use smartphones as a controller for a separate display. They said it would require new codes for most titles.

So far, BlueStacks has announced their ongoing partnership with Halfbrick, Glue Mobile and other prominent game developers in the business.

From BlueStacks’ press release:

“BlueStacks has credibility in the microconsole space that others just don’t have,” said Halbrick CEO, Shainiel Deo. She added, “we’ve been a featured partner of App Player since early on and they’ve delivered on every promise in terms of distribution. GamePop is a great incremental channel for us.”

Glu Mobile highly praises the 3D gaming experience that BlueStacks offer. “Mobile gamers continue to show higher levels of engagement and longer play sessions on larger form factors,” says Glu Mobile CEO, Niccolo de Masi. “BlueStacks and Gamepop offer developers like Glu an opportunity to potentially reach a new audience of gamers with great 3D, high-production value content. We see significant potential in BlueStack’s approach to the console gaming market,” de Masi continued.

The announcement of GamePop is set to make a lot of gamers glued to their TV sets than their mobile devices. And we expect the competition on the gaming market continue to grow larger annually. Recently, Innex Inc. announced the upcoming launch of the Super Retro Console and Adaptor. This platform allows users to enjoy their NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, and Gameboy Advance games once again. Based on reports, it will be available at this year’s E3 event on June.

Meanwhile, BlueStacks plans to market GamePop subscriptions directly from

GamePop will also be featured on BlueStacks’ official Facebook page where they maintain a community of 1.2 million fans. What do you think of the GamePop? Share your thoughts commenting or sharing this post.


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