Gamer Humor: Halo Vs. COD: Modern Warfare 2

One of my D.E.B’s sent me a link to a pretty funny chat room spoof from IGN.  I must warn you, if you’re not a gamer, or have never played a Halo game or a Modern Warfare title, you may think this is retarded.  Fortunately, I’m a retarded gamer so I found it quite comical!  This little spoof not only highlights the main issues with Halo and MW2, but it showcases the rampant fanboy behavior that exists in the gamer realm.

I think it’s safe to say that this fake chat is very calm in nature compared to some of the fanboy rants you may here while playing other scum on-line.  With any type of competition involved it seems ceratin people have to take things to the next level.  If your a sports fan you’ll understand this behavior.  There’s some internal mechanism in us that makes defending our favorite team, or game, almost more important than defending our family members.

This instinct is what this spoof is riffing on.  People really do get this worked up over a game, and which one is better or not.  You’d think the companies that produced the game were paying these douchebags money to defend their titles, but they’re not.  That is the beauty of a fanboy.  They’ll take it in the rear with a sandpaper condom from their favorite game, movie, company, etc, and not even ask for a reach around!  Check out the spoof below.  You’ve been thinking about hating on another gamer’s favorite game…

Courtesy of IGN – Brian Altano & Brian Miggels

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Via [IGN by way of Vizion]


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