Gamers Get Some Digital Nips

You have to applaud the lengths some people will go to for a cheap thrill.  Tiger and Jesse needed to cheat on their bombshell wives for a thrill, some people like to suck on feet for a thrill, while others may cut themselves for a cheap thrill.  It seems some gamers went all out to get their rocks off by hacking Dead or Alive: Paradise on Sony’s PSP.

Some hackers have figured out a way to tweak the code in the game so the buxom Japanese anime ladies of DOA have no clothes.  Pretty cool if your into anime porn that involves chicks who are anatomically similar to Barbie when naked.  What, you’ve never looked at a naked Barbie?  Shame on you!

The hack has been tagged as, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and requires custom firmware for your PSP and an altered ISO file[slider title=”.”] ISO is basically an image of the disc and contains most of the files that run a program.[/slider] It’s safe to say it’s probably not worth the trouble to see some digital titties without any nipples, but if your determined to illegally alter your PSP for a cheap thrill, more power to you.

You’ve been enlightened in the art of perversion…

Via [Kotaku]


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