Gamers Getting Regulated: Beat!

I came across an article today about South Korea considering regulating how long gamers can play their games while at home.  This is happy horse-poop, and a true sign of the apocalypse.  Does the government really need to step in on this?  I mean it’s only a matter of time before the same talks start up in the US.  Why can’t parents regulate their kids anymore?

I guess the disturbing thing is that this measure is probably meant to curb adult gamers excessive habits in front of the small screen.  South Korea is known for being a gaming mecca.  I mean they have stadiums built for gaming competitions, so this country is serious about its passions.  I think a few of them have died while in front of their PCs, so I guess there may be a slight problem over there, but still, government sanctions?  Some people ruin it for everyone.  If you’re planning on dying in front of your game machine of choice OD or something, don’t let the authorities blame it on gaming.

You’ve been warned…

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