Gamers If You’ve Been Drinking Make Sure to Play the Drunken NES Game Before You Drive

My favorite types of drunks are the geeky kind, because typically they won’t be the a-hole at the end of the night taking a p*ss in your living room.  More than likely they’ll use their inebriated state to come up with something creative, and that’s exactly what the creators behind DrunkenNES did.  DrunkenNES is a fully functional 8-bit game that can be played on the console that started it all over 25 years ago.

The game is played by having drunks blow into a breathalyzer that is built into an old NES cartridge just like we used to do when Contra wouldn’t load back in the late 80’s.  From there the little 8-bit robot on screen calculates your level of intoxication then displays it on the screen for everyone to see.  Now drunks will have an even better reason to see who can drink more than their friends, because everyone that’s a true winner in life wants to have their name on the top of the leaderboards for DrunkenNES.  Check out two videos about it below.  Isn’t it amazing what people can come up with?  You’ve been practicing for this game ever since you turned 21…




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