Gamers With Glasses Should Take Note of Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600/700 Headsets

If you’re a gamer and you happen to wear glasses you may have experienced issues while wearing headphones to game or chat. Most headsets don’t account for the arms on glasses, which can start to press into your head while wearing over-the-ear cans for extended play sessions. Well, Turtle Beach has you covered if you suffer from this issue with its upcoming Stealth 600 and 700 headsets for the Xbox One and PS4.

While at E3 I met with the Turtle Beach team to talk about the features of these new headsets, as well as to feel them out. I didn’t get to test them with audio, but I did get to fondle them and hear about the tech packed into them, and based on my experience with previous Turtle Beach headsets, I have no doubt that the new Stealth series will sound pretty damn crisp.

The one feature that really stood out to me though is the ProSpecs tech designed into the ear pads of the 600 and 700 headsets. This technology either allows for more plyable foam where glasses would sit to allow the arms to rest comfortability, or a rip cord you can tighten to create a channel for the glasses to rest in. I just found this tech to be very consumer oriented, and a great feature for those gamers with glasses that also game with headsets for long periods of time.

In addition to the cool ProSpecs tech, the Stealth 600 and 7oo are also both fully wireless, and the Xbox One versions will be the first headsets to use Microsoft’s new wireless technology to connect directly to the console just like an Xbox One controller. The PS4 versions will still use a wireless dongle. On the Xbox One the Stealth headsets will also take advantage of the console’s Windows Sonic surround sound technology to provide the effect for games and movies that support it. On the PS4, the 700 features DTS: Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound technology to provide your ears with the most robust surround sound the console can squeeze into a pair of headphones.

The main difference between the 600 and 700 headsets for the Xbox One and PS4 is that the 700 series headsets offer active noise cancellation and Bluetooth, so they can be used with other devices that support Bluetooth technology. Although, both the 600 and 700 series offer flip up mics that will mute the mic when in an upright position.

Turtle Beach has clearly taken feedback from its customers and pro gamers in terms of the design and technology packed into the Stealth 600 and 700 wireless headsets. I found the ProSpecs technology to be ingenious, and I appreciated the look and feel of both lines. Let’s just say that you wouldn’t have to feel odd out in public using the 700s with your mobile devices through Bluetooth. What’s best of all is the price, which starts at $99 for the 600 series, and $149.99 for the 700 series. Both lines are set to launch this September at a retailer near you.


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