Gamers Would Definitely Play This Fan Made LEGO Mario Kart Game

The NicksplosionFX YouTube channel has released another amazing looking CGI video game mashup, and it fuses the LEGO world with Mario Kart. Imagine if Mario Kart 8 featured LEGO versions of the cars and characters, that’s pretty much what Nick came up with, and it looks amazing.

Playing Mario Kart in this manner would add a new challenge thanks to the fact that every time you get hit by a projectile, your character and kart crumble into a pile of LEGO bricks. I also like the visual appeal of LEGOs in a Mario Kart game, so I think this mashup would work nicely in an actual video game for the Nintendo Switch.

Head on up above to check out what a LEGO Mario Kart game would look like. Feel free to leave a comment down below if this is a video game project you would like to see in real life. You never know right?


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