Real gamers understand the importance of a quality HD television with a sound system equipped with Yamaha receivers. The new video games being released are like a mix of a cinematic experience and a gaming experience. There used to be a huge difference between the graphics in the cut scenes of a game and the actual gameplay graphics, but now it’s hard to tell between the two, because the graphics are amazing.

Let’s take NBA 2K12 as an example. When you play the game on a regular television you will see a great looking game, but you won’t get the full effect. Now, when you play the game on a HD TV you see beads of sweat dripping off of player’s bodies as they play. As the game goes on their jerseys actually get darker because of sweat and the jerseys move when they make dynamic plays or big dunks. You can actually see each individual tattoo on a player’s body. The announcer’s commentary fits in perfectly with the game play and they make jokes and provide facts that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s pretty impressive.

Having a powerful set of speakers will be greatly appreciated when you play a game like Mass Effect 3. The game is loaded with conversations between characters and your success will be affected by the choices you make during conversations with people you meet. While playing, you’ll come across characters who try to trick you; the tone of their voice can tip you off. If you don’t hear it well you could make a mistake that causes you to fail a mission, or miss out on additional dialogue options. The special effects are great too, from the sounds of different weapons firing, to the music, and finally the noises various aliens make.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is the type of game you’ll want to experience at night with all the lights off. The zombies and other creatures hunting you down will be even creepier in HD. Again, the speakers will be useful for this game because the music is similar to what you get while watching a thrilling movie. When something is going to pop out unexpectedly you may hear a beat play in the background or heavy footsteps or breathing approaching as a warning. Having surround sound and a HD TV will take the gaming experience to the next level.

HD TV and Yamaha receivers can even help take your party to the next level. If you play interactive games on Nintendo Wii, like dancing with your friends, hearing the music pumping out of the speakers will get everyone up and dancing. Playing games on a nice sized HD TV with surround sound is something every gamer should experience!


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