Gamevice Turns Your iPad Mini into a Gaming Machine

Gamevice has offered a new way for iPad Mini users to turn their tablet into a portable gaming system, all thanks to their new controller. The Gamevice controller allows users of all gaming levels to use their iPad Mini with controls that handle like a console controller, but with the ability to take it on the go. It features dual analog joysticks, A, B, X, Y fire buttons, left and right fire triggers, left and right bumpers, a D-pad, Audio DAC out, and a battery that allows the iPad to charge while the controller is connected.

Gamevice also offers a free app called Gamevice Live which lists all of the known controller compatible games available on iTunes, and currently boasts a list of over 700 games. The product is now available online at Apple, Best Buy, and Target for $99.

Check out the gallery below for more images of the Gamevice controller:

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