I touched on the movement of Big Business adopting gaming as a potential means of squeezing more cash out of us, and now social activists are jumping on that same band wagon.  Please note that I’m not a hippie basher, I actually tend to lean more towards the left than the right, but I thought the title of this article sounded catchy, so I went with the Commie motif.

Armchair Revolutionary, a brand new social activist group, will be targeting gamers to support their causes.  I guess their goal is to use various forms of social games to draw attention to certain causes.  Again, gamers and their hobbies are being looked at as prime sources for companies to draw in and push their wares, be it products or social causes.  Gaming isn’t reserved just for social miscreants anymore.  Oh no, we’re becoming mainstream.

I blame the Wii and social networking sites like Facebook for this shift in the typical gaming crowd.  Their simple, yet addicting games, have really appealed to the masses unlike the traditional console based games that your typical gamer is used to playing.  Like I’ve stated before, the more the merrier, gamers of any form are cool with the EB.  I just don’t want the quality of games to get too watered downed so they’re more appealing to the masses.

If you’re interested in gaming for social activism head on over to the Armchair Revolutionaries web site here.  Maybe they’ll have a game where you can shoot African war lords pillaging a village of innocent women and children to show your support for the poor people of African countries.  Sounds good to me, I wonder if Brangelina will get involved?

You’ve been enlightened…

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