Gaming On The Go: Road Trip Gaming Recommendations Part 2

Yesterday I gave you just a few recommendations for games to play while on the road. This time it’s the continuation, however instead of short form games we are going to focus on longer more story driven games that can fill time even after you have arrived in whatever land you are headed for. This is also great for long air travel as some flights can last more than 10 hours, and that isn’t including the dreaded long layover. These are all RPG’s on handheld devices, I have three new titles plus one honorable mention that will be covered in a future JRPG recommendations post.


4. Pokemon OR/AS or X/Y, any of these 4 games will do just fine I personally prefer Omega Ruby but you can’t go wrong playing the Pokemon games. The goal has not really changed over the years, catch em all, beat the elite four and stop the evil team that seems to always be hiding right around the corner. If you have not played a Pokemon game since generation 1 it’s a good time to get back in. There are new types, challenges, better breeding, and the fan favorite Nuzlocke challenge. I have put an obscene amount of time into Pokemon and have almost completed a full living collection of all 721 monsters. I’m sure this time next year I will replace these with Sun and Moon but alas we still must till November.


5. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the lions, if you thought I was only going to give Nintendo love this post guess again! War Of The Lions was a remake of the original tactics for the PSP, it is also available for the vita so if you upgraded you don’t have to miss out. You can also play the original on the handheld but War Of The Lions adds loads of content, including characters, job classes, extra skills, and more maps. The story is also one of Final Fantasy’s greatest following political upheaval, a war for the crown, and a religious cult trying to bring back an ancient force to rule the world. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time, easily on my top 10 and if you have a Sony handheld getting this tactical RPG will blow your mind.


6. Fire Emblem: Fates/Awakening, ok so I kinda sort of cheated here since these are 2 different games and Fates has 3 titles in that universe but I couldn’t pick. They each have strengths, Fates has different characters based on which version you play making each unique, Awakenings combat is more challenging and offers more strategy ( in my opinion) Fates has a better multiplayer mode with the custom bases, Awakening has Chrom and Sumia the best pairing in gaming. The actual combat is pretty much the same with its rock papers scissor advantage system. Weapons break in Awakening and not in Fates. The relationship system can lead to many playthroughs seeing who pairs best with who. ( Just don’t mess with that Chrom and Sumia pairing though…) The other reason I enjoy these games is if you want to skip the story and get right to the fighting you can. Making a second playthrough much smoother.  If you like challenge and permadeath play this game its great.

Honorable mention goes to Chrono Trigger DS, it’s the classic game with extra stuff to make even veterans take another look. I will be covering Chrono Trigger in general very soon so I won’t spend much time here but if you can get it for like 30 bucks do it!


That’s it folks, my 6+1 road trip gaming guide hopefully you found it helpful and make sure to check back soon for our JRPG recommendations post real soon!


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