Gaming Roundup: GTA Online Cunning Stunts, FFVII on Android, New Paragon Character, BO3 Map Preview, and more!

Well, it’s time for another gaming roundup today at Entertainment Buddha, we’ve got a hell of a lineup, with some new stuff coming from GTA Online, Black Ops 3, Paragon, and one of the the most ridiculous trailers for a fighting game I’ve ever seen, I’m talking, of course, about The King of Fighters XIV.

In the GTA Online trailer for Cunning Stunts, we see some pretty over-the-top new places to race your friends in, giant tubes in the sky, booster plates, and all kinds of crazy new stuff to do with your buddies online. This is the kind of stuff that brings me back to the days of Halo 3 and Halo Reach forge modes, when people were making all kinds of ridiculous race tracks for us to use. Is it still like that in Halo 5? I honestly don’t pay attention to forge anymore, but maybe that’s because back then I was 15 and full of hope, and now I’m 22 and full of caffeine and a shattered psyche.


Final Fantasy VII was released today for the Android, so all you out there with an Android that are looking to play the RPG epic, your time has arrived! I don’t know how much will be changed, hopefully nothing, besides just having it on a touch screen, because I think it’s pretty awesome that we have this kind of stuff now. No longer do you have to sit down in front of your TV to play one of the greatest videogames of all time, you can slowly beat it over the course of like 95 train rides or waiting for your coffee at Starbucks like 463 times.

Paragon is a thing that is coming out soon, and I honestly keep forgetting until I see a new trailer for it, maybe that’s just because MOBAs are so far beyond me, they hold no appeal. However, I will say that the visuals in Paragon do intrigue me, it looks absolutely awesome, and I think that’s actually kind of a selling point for me, leaving the cartoony feel of LoL and DOTA behind. Check out the trailer above to find out a few things about Greystone, one of the new tank characters in the game!

The Descent DLC pack for Black Ops 3 is coming out soon, and we’ve got a brief little preview of one of the new maps, Cryogen, which, if I’m not mistaken is a fusion between an arctic drilling rig, a maximum security prison, and ice cream shoppe. Check out the trailer above and get a brief glimpse of the new map players will be getting their hands on with the map pack!

Ghostbusters: Slime City came out today, apparently, and I’m pretty sure no one would have known about it if this trailer hadn’t come out too. From the trailer… I don’t know, man, I have no idea what’s going on, it’s another iPhone game but this one has Ghostbusters in it, or something? It can’t possibly be as bad as the movie is going to be, check out the trailer above!

Large-breasted Mexican wrestler girls who speak Japanese? Dinosaurs that fight like Rey Mysterio if he was twice his size? A really plain-looking dude with an eye-patch? This trailer is so many places all at the same time, I’ve never played a KOF game, so maybe this is all par for the course, but holy crap, I was not expecting that. Still, if I can say anything, it does look pretty cool, and interesting, I guess is a word that I could use for it, see for yourself above!


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