Gaming Roundup: LEGO Star Wars Honest Trailer, Mobile Mana, Civ 6 and More

It’s Tuesday, which means the gaming industry is fully up and running for the week and churning out news and previews for gamers to check out. Today is definitely a busy day in gaming news with multiple new trailers and stories being released. As usual in this roundup post we’ve taken the highlights and lined them up for your consumption below. Enjoy!

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out today, so the Smosh Games channel released its Honest Game Trailer for the original LEGO Star Wars title, which after all is the game that kicked off the whole LEGO video game craze back in the mid 2000’s. You can check out the parody trailer below.

Square Enix did a stealth launch of Adventures of Mana for the Vita today, which is a remade version of Final Fantasy Adventures for the Game Boy Color. You can pick it up from the App Store and Google Play now.

2K released a new trailer for Civilization 6 to give fans their first look at England civilization in the game. Get schooled by Queen Liz below.

The System Shock remaster for Steam got a pre-alpha trailer, which you can check out below.

Bethesda revealed some information for Update 11, which is coming to ESO in August. Below you fill find what the update entails.


The Shadows of the Hist DLC Dungeon Pack—featuring two new four-player dungeons — Ruins of Mazzatun and Cradle of Shadows — will be accessible at no cost to players with an active ESO Plus membership. Otherwise, the DLC Dungeon Pack will be available for 1,500 crowns in the ESO Crown Store.

Cradle of Shadows

Players can join the Argonians of the Dark Brotherhood in their battle against rogue assassins threatening to hurl all of Black Marsh into bloody chaos.Cradle of Shadows is a four-player group dungeon featuring both Normal and Veteran modes, and features three new item sets, challenging new achievements with an appearance reward, and a new monster mask set.

Ruins of Mazzatun

In Ruins of Mazzatun, players will venture into the ruins of the “Puzzle City” of the Argonian Xit-Xaht tribe to overcome the slavelords and free their helpless victims. Ruins of Mazzatun is a 4-player group dungeon with Normal and Veteran modes, and features three new item sets, challenging new achievements with an appearance reward, and a new monster mask set.


With the highly anticipated Style Parlor, players can now purchase Appearance Change and Race Change tokens in the Crown Store to alter their appearance in the game.

Appearance and Race Change (Crown Store)

Players can purchase tokens in the Crown Store that will allow them to completely redefine their appearance, including but not limited to hair styles and colors, adornments, face and body markings, facial features, eye color, age, body and face shape, as well as selected voice.

Name Change (Crown Store)

Players will now be able to change their name by purchasing a Name Change token in the Crown Store. Once purchased, players can use the Name Change token on the Character Select screen to change one character’s name.

Premium Hairstyles and New Adornments and Markings (Crown Store)

A bounty of new hair styles, adornments, and markings have been added to the Crown Store. Players can purchase new items from the Appearance category. Once purchased, items can be used to change a character’s hair style, adornments, and markings as often as a player wishes.


ESO Plus Costume Dyes (Exclusive to ESO Plus)

Anyone who has an active ESO Plus membership will have the ability to dye their equipped costume (and hats!) at any Dye Station using dyes unlocked via achievements. Applied dyes are saved separately for each character, so that the same costume or hat can be dyed differently for every one of your characters.

Dye Stamps (Crown Store)

One-time-use consumable Dye Stamps are available for purchase in the Crown Store for a modest price. Each Dye Stamp comes pre-loaded with a specific set of colors. One Dye Stamp can be applied to your active costume and hat—they are a one-use consumable item. New Dye Stamps will appear in the Crown Store every week.

The Banner Saga 2 is coming to consoles this summer, and for Xbox One Gold members it will be free in July. Check it out and the other Games with Gold below.

Black Desert Online is getting a new expansion tomorrow, so Daum Games sent out a preview for it, which you can watch below.

Telltale’s 7 Days to Die is now available, so a launch trailer was released to celebrate. Check it out below.

Activision released a trailer for the latest bit of COD: Black Ops 3 DLC, which is called Descent. It will hit the PS4 first on July 12th. The trailer can be viewed below.

Finally, if you missed it yesterday the launch trailer for The Division’s first expansion can be seen below.


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