It’s been a hectic Tuesday in the land of gaming, so let’s get to rounding up some of the day’s new trailers and screenshots for a few the industry’s upcoming titles.

First up, Dontnod has released new images for its action-RPG Vampyr, which is set to release sometime in 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can view them below.

Galaxy of Fire 3 fans can enjoy a new 360 degree video of the game, which offers a VR type of experience set in space.

Square Enix posted a new trailer for Valentino Rossi: The Game, so get your racing on below.

The new Skylanders Battlecast card game is now available for mobile devices, so a trailer has been released to show it off. You can watch it below.

Curve Digital announced release date information for 10 Second NinjaX, which is coming to the PC, Xbox One, Vita, and PS4 on July 19th. A new trailer can be viewed below.

Indie darling Downwell is now available for the Vita and PS4, so a trailer has been released to remind gamers of its Indie prowess.

Deep Silver released a new trailer for Deadlight: Director’s Cut along with details on the all new Survival Arena Mode. The PS4 and Xbox One versions also include the aptly named Nightmare Mode, which reveals an alternate ending upon completing the game. The survival horror side-scroller is available digitally on June 21st for PS4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99. Check out the new video below.

Winter sports fans will be happy to now that SNOW now features snowboarding and snowmobiles. You can see them in action below via a new gameplay trailer.

Capcom has released a new preview trailer for Umbrella Corps to show off Raccoon City.

The Conflict update is now live in The Division. Below you can find all of the changes it brings to the experience.

• New Incursion – Clear Sky: This new incursion takes players to the Columbus Circle area, where they face an overwhelming force of Rikers who are now in full control of the Manhattan airspace. Players need to team up to take back the area and secure the supply route.
• Search and Destroy Missions: Once all side missions and encounters have been completed in a named zone, Search and Destroy missions lead players to a group of enemies located in the open world.
• High Value Targets: After completing Search and Destroy missions, players are granted with valuable intel to hunt down new enemy leaders who have appeared all over Manhattan.

• Clear Sky introduces new top-of-the-line gear sets. Players will be able to try out these new powerful sets to match their gameplay style:
– Final Measure – Defensive set, enables players to defuse hostile grenades.
– Hunter’s Faith – Powerful long-range set, deals severe damages to enemies.
– Lone Star – Damage per second gear set, increases the ammo capacity.
– Predator’s Mark – Support set, enables players to fight enemies at range and increases damage.

• Hijack Extractions: Players now have the ability to interrupt an extraction by cutting the rope and attempt to acquire the fallen loot bags. This is not without risk, however, as this action will instantly mark them as Rogue.
• Sealed Caches: Sealed Caches can now be dropped by named enemies in the Dark Zone. The content of these caches remains mysterious until they are extracted and can include gear, Division Tech, and Dark Zone funds.
• Player Stashes: Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.
• ISAC Assignments: These weekly assignments are now included in the map overview. Also with this update, weekly exclusive rewards will be introduced as well as free vanity items.

Total War: Warhammer is out now for PC, so the Creative Assembly team put out a making-of video to show off its design processes. Check it out below.

Finally, 2K and Gearbox Software released a press release for Battleborn to show off the first free character and tease the next. You can check out the release below, as well as two gameplay videos.

2K and Gearbox Software began rolling out the first of many free post-launch updates for Battleborn with an all-new hero – Alani. They also revealed the next DLC hero, and announced a limited-time $20-Off promotion for the base game and Digital Deluxe Edition, all in celebration of the launch of the water-bending warrior monk, Alani.

Alani – the first of five free new heroes coming to Battleborn – is available early starting today on all platforms for Digital Deluxe owners, Season Pass holders, and folks that played in the PlayStation 4 Open Beta. She will be available for everyone else to unlock for free starting May 31. The more damage Alani dishes out with her water-based attacks, the more she can heal her allies. Get a first-look at her in action in two new gameplay videos, which you can download or embed using the links below.

But, Alani is just the beginning. There are four more free DLC heroes in the works, including Pendles, the 27thBattleborn! Pendles might just be the weirdest Battleborn yet – he’s a high-top sneaker-wearing snake-man assassin. That is to say, he’s quite literally a cold-blooded killer.


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