GameStop president Tony Bartel told GamaSutra that his company is thinking about creating a tablet with gamers in mind.  Uh, Yes please!  Unfortunately, it sounds like he’s just talking about it right now, because there’s no one actually developing a GameStop tablet at this time.  In fact, Bartel even said that if none of the current tablet manufacturers could deliver the device that his company is imagining, he’d look at doing the R&D in-house.  He would like it to be connected to the Cloud so the tablet could take advantage of their recent acquisitions (Spawn Labs and Impulse) that enable them to start distributing HD games over the wire.

He also envisions the GameStop tablet to have a bluetooth interface so gamers could hook up controllers to it.  I consider this a wise move, because what self-respecting gamer can really play a next-gen title with just touch controls?  It’d be very awkward, if not impossible to play most of today’s console games only using some on-screen controls, so I’m liking the way that this guy thinks.  At this time all of this is pure speculation.  They haven’t even started designing this gamers wet dream, so don’t get all chubbed up quite yet, but it’s definitely some food for thought.

Not the Actual GameStop Tablet but a Potential Example

Personally, I’d like it to be Android based, but I’d imagine it may have to run on it’s own OS just like the XBOX 360 or PS3 consoles.  This is definitely the type of mobile gaming that I could get behind, because even though I have 3 Xbox 360’s, it still doesn’t mean that I have the motivation to pack one up each time I hit the road for an extended trip.  Having something that I could easily tuck into my Oakley Kitchen Sink that would enable me to game on the go with next-gen visuals, and games that are also available on consoles, is very intriguing to me.

I like the way that this Bartel guy is thinking!  One last note on the GameStop tablet matter is that the retailer has begun purchasing used tablets from customers, so even if they never launch their own tablet you may one day be able to go to a GameStop and grab a used iPad, or Android tablet.  You can catch the full interview by using the Via link below.  You’ve been given a reason to leave your gaming cave more than once a month…


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