I received a beta key for the newly minted social network for gamers called, and after spending some time on the site I can definitely see potential.  There have been a few gamer-centric social networks before, but for some reason GamrCreds setup seems to appeal to me and other gamers due to its martial arts-like ranking system, and respect mechanic.  The site essentially crawls your feeds for gaming related content after inputting your various social networking accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, XBL, PSN, and Steam.  Based on a combination of your video game abilities (achievements, trophies, and the Steam equivalent), and your overall social influence on the gaming scene, GamrCred will assign you a belt ranking ranging from white all the way to master.

Once your initial ranking is established and your account is live on the site, other users can begin to follow you, or dole out respect based on game challenges you have completed, or social network posts that contain a gaming related message.  For example, if I send out a tweet talking about Darksiders 2 GamrCred will sniff it out and post it to my account on their service.  From here other gamers can see my conquests, and can then choose to “Respect” it by clicking on a button in their feed.

My GamrCred homepage

This mechanic also applies to my achievement and trophy progress.  If I earn some cheves in a game I’m playing they’ll eventually show up in my GamrCred feed for other members to respect.  In turn, by gaining respect my community ranking will go up, and I can advance in belt rank.

This is where GamrCred shines.  It has, at least in me, given validation to all of my video game work, be it playing games, or writing about them.  In its current state EntertainmentBuddha is ranked 3rd overall in the world on GamrCred.  No one may ever find out about it except for my readers, but just like the allure of being in the top 5 of a video game leader board, GamrCred has managed to create a competitive gaming feel for a social network.  I find myself checking my progress each day to see who has given me “Respect”, or to see if any new followers have joined my gaming adventure.  This is something that the other gamer-centric social networks haven’t been able to achieve.


I’ve come to like GamrCred to the point where I wish it was out during the initial social networking boom that kicked off around 2005.  I really feel there is great potential, but I’m not sure if it’ll be able to find its footing amongst the giants of Facebook and Twitter.  I really believe that younger gamers will get sucked into its innovative system of ranking, and the ability to garner bragging rights for their hobby.

I encourage you to check it out and sign up for the beta at this link.  You may feel like you’re burnt out on the whole social networking scene, but if you love to game and be recognized for it, then GamrCred will be your network of choice.  If you get in make sure to let us know with a follow by checking out EntertainmentBuddha on their site.  You’ve been thinking about giving yet another social network a go…


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