Gear of War Movie Script Going Back to the Drawing Board

True to from for most videogames that get made into movies, the Gears of War project has hit a major road block.  During last week’s Comic-Con Cliff Bleszinski shed some light on the stalled project.  Ever since Len Wiseman, the “Underworld” director, quit on the Gears movie it has been stuck in limbo according to Cliff.  The movie’s budget has also grew to enormous proportions based on the original script.  This is one of the main reasons that Cliff and team are considering starting the whole thing over from scratch.

At the rate this is going we may get to see a Gears of War movie in 2020.  It seems that if they do go back and redo the whole script they’re shooting for a budget under $100 million, and Cliff would like to see the film take on the narrative that “District 9” did versus an over-the-top blockbuster like 2012 or Transformers 2.  I’m down with that sentiment for sure.

I just don’t see this thing coming together anytime soon, and I have to remember that this is a videogame based movie, so it has the potential to suck worse than changing Grandma’s diaper.  There are many hurdles for the Gears movie to overcome, but I hope it’s able to overcome them.  The Gears story is definitely primed to make a good film, but there are many a-holes in the film industry that like to ruin art for the sake of the dollar.  Stay tuned for future developments.  You’ve been scrapped…

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