Gear of War Movie: The COGS Are Already in Trouble!

There are some rumors coming out of Hollywood that the planned “Gears of War” movie has hit a major snag in its production.  Like that’s surprising, a video game movie that has some problems.  See any video game movie ever made and you’ll know what I mean.  They all blow goats and let the game’s fans down, just like Tiger let down Elin.

I, like other suckers, had high hopes for a “Gears of War” movie, but deep down I knew I’d only be a fool for thinking so.  It seems the director, Len Wiseman, may jump ship for another movie, and if that isn’t bad enough the studio is planning on slashing the $100 million dollar budget.

I guess be on the look out for “Gears of War” the movie, starring the Jonas Brothers and a random black guy as our beloved rag tag COGS, and Steve Buscemi as the Locust Horde.  Let the countdown to a another “Gears of War” letdown begin today!

You’ve been disappointed…

Via [Joystiq]


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