Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is giving Microsoft the opportunity to look back on all the progress they’ve made within the series and modernize it. The video just recently uploaded to Xbox’s official YouTube account portrays just that: a renewed appreciation for Gears of War.

Riddled with nostalgic remnants from the the first Gears of War on, the video above shines light on the development team’s passion for the IP. Memory lane is a gold mine for the Gears of War franchise, and it’s comforting to know even though The Coalition is spearheading the remastering, the franchise is still being handled by old faces – the video largely features co-creator Rod Fergusson, who has been around since the launch of the original game.

Set to release August 25th on Xbox One, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition looks to be the definitive nutshell of the series. With everything from sound quality to multiplayer features being modernized, it’s easy to feel excited about the future of the franchise.


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