Gears 3 Beta Proves That Gears of War Is No Longer A Gentelman’s Game

Most of us Gears fans are moving into the fourth full week of the Gears 3 Beta, and although the gameplay itself is vastly improved over its predecessors it seems that the gamers themselves are digressing.  I’m referring to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any nobility in the game anymore when it comes to people’s downed kills.  I can’t help but think back to a time when the Gears of War franchise was a mulitplayer experience for gentleman and lady gamers alike.

During the days of the original Gears of War there was an unspoken warrior code when it came to a downed but not out opponent.  In this civil age of Gears gaming if someone downed an enemy they were afforded the respect of their team, and were able to finish their kill without the fear of some jerk-off flying in and stealing the kill.  Rarely would you experience a match where you’d see your kill count coming in way under your downed count.  It just didn’t happen because Gears 1 players all understood that kill stealing was an egregious act that should only be committed if someone else pulled the stunt on yourself.  Besides, every gamer that played Gears 1 MP was doing it for one reason, and one reason only, which was to achieve the Seriously cheve for killing (not downing) 10,000 gamers in ranked MP matches.

This goal of scoring 10,000 ranked MP kills is the main reason I believe that Gears 1 gamers behaved themselves when it came to downed kills that they didn’t score.  Everyone knew that if they stole downs they’d have their own downs ganked, so it didn’t make much sense to go around and blow away your teammate’s downs like some d*ckhead streaking through a sporting event.  There was a sense of respect for your fellow gamer’s conquests that provided a gaming experience that was similar to the gentleman’s game of golf.  Gamers just respected the fact that if you worked your a*s off to down someone you should be the one to earn the tick in the Kill column.  Unfortunately, this civil manner of playing Gears of War no longer exists.

The breakdown started to occur within the first few weeks of Gears of War 2’s release.  There was no longer an achievement tied to ranked MP kills, so I honestly believe this is what led to Gears of War becoming a game full of kill stealing n00bs, which are no different than those hillbillies who show up on nice golf courses with t-shirts and jean shorts.  Gears 2 actually enabled this behavior with its Seriously 2.0 achievement, which required gamers to score 100,000 kills in any game mode.  I really believe this is what led to Pandora’s box being opened in regards to downed kills being improperly scored to those players who didn’t earn the down in the first place.  The gentleman and lady like tradition of allowing the gamer who scored the down to kill their prey is gone, and unfortunately I think it’ll remain that way forever.

If You Didn’t Down the COG on the Far Right Then Don’t Kill Him You Kill Stealing Douche!

This is especially clear in the Gears 3 Beta, which is full of punks who seem to put more work into ganking other people’s kills than actually taking out enemies on their own.  For someone that has been playing Gears of War multi since the beginning this trend is very disheartening.  There’s nothing worse than putting your gaming skills to the test only to have some retard swoop in and score the finishing blow on your down.  It’d be like if you were hunting and your partner ran up to your downed dear and put it out of its misery before you could deal the death blow.  It just isn’t the gentlemanly thing to do.

A gamer’s kill is something that needs to be respected, so if you’re one of these a-holes who spends more time going for the cheap kill than actually trying to down people on your own, you need to punch yourself in the balls repeatedly until you learn your lesson.  Do the right thing while playing the Gears 3 Beta and ONLY kill the downs that belong to you.  It’s not hard to figure out whose down is whose, so quit acting like you had no idea that it wasn’t your down.  The gaming Gods will be watching, and there is something called gamer-karma, so you better watch your back if you’re a well known kill stealer.

For those of you that still play Gears of War with some honor I applaud your efforts, but we need to educate the gankers in the ethics of playing Gears of War MP like a true man, or lady.  Don’t ever feel bad about tearing into these d*cks, because they deserve it!  You’ve been needing to leave more bad feedback for gamers that blatantly steal your Gears 3 Beta kills…


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