Gears 4 Ending Explained and How It Answers a Major Question From the Original Trilogy

This post will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS from Gears of War 4 and should only be read if you have beaten the game, or don’t care about spoiling its ending. I repeat, MASSIVE SPOILERS in bound.


The ending of Gears of War 4 drops a major bomb on your face in regards to a revelation that not only answers a lingering question once and for all from the original trilogy, but also sets up the inevitable sequels. You can check out the video below, or read the script embedded after it. Credit must be given to RoughDolphin560 from the official Gears of War forum for his work on Lambency, the Locust, and Queen Myyrah, which are referenced in the video.

Hey COGS Matt Heywood here from to get deep into some Gears of War lore after completing the latest entry in the franchise, Gears of War 4. Now we will be diving head first into spoiler filled waters for Gears of War 4, so if you don’t want to have the ending spoiled for you, stop this video, go beat the game, and then come back and finish your lesson in Gears history.

Before we get into the ending of Gears of War 4, which drops a lightmass bomb on your face at the last moment, we first must revisit the original trilogy and one of its most controversial fan debates, which revolves around Queen Myyrah and the Locust horde.

Now depending on what forum threads you’ve read you may have a certain opinion on the Queen and who or what she was. You may also have an opinion on the Locust and exactly where they came from. I for one have found an official Gears of War forum thread to really do a great job at explaining the mysteries behind Myyrah and her Locust horde, but others have shat all over it. Such is life on the wild wild web.

A forum member who goes by the handle roughdolphin560 posted a manifesto of sorts on the subjects of the Queen, Imulsion, and the Locust, and how the original three Gears games actually did explain if the Queen was really a human, and exactly how long the Locust had been living under Sera’s surface. If you played the games then you probably think that is a load of crap, because quite frankly the answers aren’t blatantly thrown in your face, rather you would’ve had to done some serious collectibles scouring, as well as read the Gears book called The Slab.

To sum up Dolphin’s thread he essentially provides facts from the game and book that support his theory that Queen Myyrah was in fact a human and not a locust or a hybrid, and that the Locust have only been on planet Sera for about 100 years before E-day.

Through his findings he deduced the following, and you may have to brush up on the first three games to familiarize yourself with some of the concepts, or you can just trust me when I say that this dude did his due diligence. You should also go over what went down at the New Hope facility in Gears 2 with the Sires and the test being done on them and humans infected by Imulsion from mining for gold. It really is the key to everything.

Anyway, feel free to do that after watching this vid, the forum thread is linked in the description and it really is a good read if you’re a Gears of War Lore fan.

Based on evidence from the game and books, Dolphin deduced the following:


– The Locust are NOT an ancient race, they have only existed for a century.

– New Hope was NOT set up to splice the DNA of Locust and humans to create halfbreeds.

– The Kantus did NOT exist prior to the Pendulum Wars, they are also descended from New Hope.

– Myrrah is NOT Marcus Fenix’s mother.

– Myrrah is NOT Ruth from New Hope.

He also drew the following conclusions:


– Imulsion is evolving all the time, what once caused humans to mutate into Sires 100 years ago now causes them to mutate into Formers.

– Lambency has been around since imulsion was first discovered.

– New Hope was set up to research Lambency on both adults and their children.

– The Sires were Lambent humans.

– The Locust are the children of Lambent humans

– Most of the beast Locust were genetically engineered by the humanoid Locust.

– Imulsion causes sterility. Both humanoid and beast Locust struggle to reproduce.

– Humans are periodically kidnapped, tortured, processed and bred to create more humanoid Locust.

– Myrrah is not a Locust, she is human.

– Myrrah is a descendant of the New Hope scientists, throughout the existence of the Horde humans have always been in charge.

Myrrah considers the Locust more “human” than modern humanity, and will fight and die for their right to live.

So depending on how deep you’ve ever explored these concepts you may or may not agree with his conclusions.

He definitely had his fair share of haters, just read all of the replies after his study, but now thanks to the final cinematic in Gears of War 4, Dolphin’s conclusions, which more or less have always been supported by the official Gears of War lore masters, have been proven without a doubt. You may be able to still poke holes in his thoughts on the Locust and how long they were on Sera before E-day, but you can’t deny his findings on Queen Myyrah.

Early on in Gears 4 you meet Kait’s mom Reyna, who quite frankly looked very familiar to me when I first saw her, but couldn’t quite figure out who she reminded me of. Reyna eventually gets kidnapped by the Swarm, which are a new species on Sera that came from the imulsified remains of the locust that were all killed at the end of Gears 3 by Adam Fenix’s imulsion weapon.

What is odd about Reyna’s abduction is that she is specifically targeted by a leader Swarm class known as a Scion. Everyone else in the village just gets killed or kidnapped by Snatchers, which are essentially walking vaginas.

As you progress through the game you learn a bit more about the Swarm and its hive mind, and Marcus himself taps into it after getting swallowed up by a Snatcher and discovers that Reyna, unlike the others who get processed into Swarm juveniles was being kept alive at the main Swarm hive, which is one of the mass Locust graves the COGS created to dump all of the dead Locust in at the end of Gears 3.

Once I learned this I finally put two and two together and remembered who Reyna looked like. She had an uncanny resemblance to Queen Myyrah, the former master of the now defunct Locust horde. I then deduced that the Swarm, also being created from Imulsion, which itself is a hive minded parasite, was seeking a queen to lead them.

You may ask why they went after Reyna, because after all she’s just an outsider Settlement leader, and didn’t appear to be anyone special when you first meet her. Luckily, the ending of Gears 4 wraps up this question in a nice little bow just as the credits roll.

JD, Del, Kait, Marcus, and even Baird and Cole lead an attack on the hive where Reyna is being imprisoned. After they take out a massive Swarm boss they rush into the hive and find Reyna hooked into the hive and going through some sort of metamorphosis. She asks her daughter Kait to cut her free knowing it would kill her, but she was lost anyway, so Kait obliged and cut her loose, which killed her.

Now the important part, the thing that proves Dolphin’s theory about Queen Myyrah once and for all, lied in a pendant Reyna had at the settlement and then gave to Kait as she died. While Kait was being consoled by JD she pulls out the pendant and JD says, your Mother wanted you to have that, at which Kait says, something like I know, it was my Grandmother’s, I never met her.

As she turns the pendant over it’s revealed to have the Locust symbol on its backside, so if you’ve been paying attention, Reyna’s mother was Queen Myyrah, and therefore Kait is a descendant of the fallen Locust leader.

This explains why the Swarm went after Reyna in the first place, they must’ve known that she was Myrrah’s daughter and wanted her to assume her mother’s place as the Queen of the Swarm. Thanks to JD and his band of followers they stop this plot, but in turn the reveal that Kait is Myrrah’s Granddaughter now opens her up to be a point of focus in the inevitable sequels.

Now that Kait is in possession of the pendant, and we know who it once belonged to, one would have to figure that in Gears 5 Kait will become the new focus of the Swarm, because they still need a Queen, and she is a direct descendant of the former Locust Queen.

If you’ve been following along this revelation once and for all confirms that Myyrah was indeed human, and really is a descendant of the New Hope scientists that first discovered lambency and its affects on humans. Which back then was to turn them into Sires, who then had offspring in the form of the Locusts in the original trilogy.

Deep shit right? It’s all right in front of you though, but Gears 4’s ending finally confirms it if you chose not to believe some random fan on the official Gears forum who goes by the handle roughdolphin560.

If you need to brush up on the original trilogy and Dolphin’s findings hit the link in the description below. It’s a good read if you appreciate video game lore, or just want to know everything possible about the Gears of War universe.

I for one bought into his conclusions based on the facts he lists, but others needed more convincing, and now all they have to do is beat Gears of War 4 to get the answer blatantly spelled out to them.

Now we can all speculate about what happens next, but I for one feel that Kait will become the main focus of the next Gears game, if not the next two if The Coalition is shooting for a trilogy.

Thanks for watching COGS, as always feel free to tell me that I’m wrong, or agree with me, either way you should definitely hit up on a daily basis, because it will make your a better geeked, and more informed Gears of War fan, one post at a time.


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