The various characters of Gears 5 are going to have special abilities when it comes to the Escape mode within the game. Today, we get to learn a little bit about Mac, who “Uses anger as his shield” in the game, and it actually makes sense in the gameplay.

Mac’s ultimate charges faster the more damage he takes, and his ultimate is a shield that encompasses the front half of him. You can fire through the shield, and so can your teammates, which essentially turns you into a moving fortress. You can make up major ground by breaking past enemy cover and annihilating them without them even being able to touch you. I’m not sure if the shield runs on a timer or if it can only take a certain amount of damage. It seems to take quite a beating in the short trailer we have here, though, so only time will tell!

Check out the trailer above and get pumped to learn more about the new characters of Gears 5!

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