Epic Games has dropped some details about the next DLC pack for Gears of War: Judgment, which is called “Lost Relics”. Relics adds 4 new maps, and a new game mode to Judgment’s multiplayer mode.

The new mode is called breakthrough, and it features CTF style gameplay, which has been absent from Gears multiplayer since the second game. Instead of a meatbag, teams will be tasked with transporting an actual flag to the defending team’s base. Breakthrough is more Halo CTF in nature, which could make it a hit amongst multiplayer traditionalists.

The new maps feature three traditional multiplayer levels, and an Overrun exclusive. Fans of the Checkout map from Gears 3 will be happy to know that it’s coming back as one of the four new maps shipping with Lost Relics. Museum, Lost City, and Ward are the names of the other new maps, with the latter being the previously mentioned Overrun only map.

You can check out the layouts of all four maps after the break.






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