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In conjunction with the COG Code promotion from yesterday Epic Games has now rolled out two additional viral marketing campaigns for Gears of War 3.  I can now confirm that the Destruction Begins campaign that was teased a week ago is in regards to the Brothers to the End website that features exploding cement block art.  Beginning today a section of the wall will explode for you if you follow the link above, which will reveal some character information on Dom and Marcus.  On top of today the dates below should unlock more of the exploding wall to reveal additional details/unlocks about the Gears of War story and its characters.

Detonation Calls Reveal Dates

Chapter One: The Emergence
[Sep. 1st]

Chapter Two: The Hollow
[Sep. 8th]

Final Chapter: The Lambent
[Sep. 15th]

Brothers to the End
[Sep. 20th]

You can get an early jump on future destruction if you enlist a friend to be your wingman in this clever viral marketing scheme. From within the Brother to the End site you can invite a Facebook friend to be your backup, which should unlock another destruction event on the site.

1st Piece of the Brothers to the End Destruction Wall

If the COG codes and Brothers to the End campaigns aren’t enough to get your balls juiced up for the Gears 3 release Epic has also opened up the Walls of Brotherhood event on Facebook.  This Detonation Calls event supposedly gets you early access to more wall explosions on the BttE site.

I would have to say that this is one of the most comprehensive social networking marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen.  Sure it’s full of gimmicks and Facebook promos, but at least it’s a way for the Gears of War community to band together and jones over Gear 3 as a team.  All I can truly say is that we’re now 26 days away from my 2011 game of the year.  Come get some!  You’ve been thinking that you can’t get enough Gears 3 promotion…

Official Statement on the Detonation Calls/Brothers to the End/Walls of Brotherhood Promos

Each explosion reveals a piece of the Gears of War story – a tale of brotherhood and perseverance against insurmountable odds. Join up with one of your friends to see the next chapter before anyone else. It won’t be easy, so pick someone that will be your brother to the end. – Epic Forums

Gears of War 3 Promotional Links

Xbox Cog Codes

Brothers to the End 

Walls of the Brotherhood

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