Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLC Releasing on March 27th

The Epic Games team has revealed the final piece of map based DLC for Gears of War 3, and it will be called Forces of Nature.  This map based DLC will bring 5 new venues to Gears 3 with three of them being completely original.  Raven Down and Jacinto will be the two classic maps included in this download.  Each map was chosen and designed to go along with Forces of Nature theme, so each one will feature a landscape that was beat down by Mother Nature during the Gears of War timeline.

In addition to the 5 new multiplayer maps there will also be the obligatory achievements, character skins, and weapon skins contained within the FoN DLC pack.  The 4 new character skins feature Commando Dom, Mechanic Baird, Savage Hunter, and Savage Grenadier. There will be 7 new weapon skins with two of them being based on community design.  These two custom skins will actually need to be unlocked via playing the FoN maps to use them in game.

Meet the new skins

On top of everything mentioned above Epic is also bringing back Guardian mode to multiplayer matches, as well as “Elemental Cleavers” to mix things up on the FoN maps.  These special hidden cleavers will all be infused with some elemental powers that will enable players to unleash all new types of attacks on their foes.  For example, there’s an imulsion cleaver that will explode your enemies on impact! Money!  There will be an achievement solely based on these special cleavers, so they’re not just throw away DLC additions.

Overall the Forces of Nature DLC pack is loaded with great content that all Gears 3 gamers should enjoy.  It’ll be available on March 27th, and will cost 800 MS points.  If you’re a Season Pass holder this will be your last bit of DLC that you can download on the pass.  I’ve included images for the new maps below, as well as a fly through of the Jacinto map for your viewing pleasure.  Kudos to Epic on their dedication to the Gears of War community!  You’ve been dying to play on Raven Down again…

Jacinto Fly Through

Raven Down





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