Gears of War 3 Interviews – Cliff B. and Some Beast Mode Details

Sorry folks, I’m running late today.  I’m starting another venture in a week and a half, so Entertainment Buddha may not get updated with as many posts per day as your used to.  Don’t fret though, I’ll make sure to kill myself before I let you down, so E.B. will stay fresh.  Alright, on to the good stuff.  Today I came across multiple vids that deal with Gears of War 3.  They’re mainly interviews with Cliff Bleszinski, but he does show some gameplay and he goes over the new Beast mode, which sounds very unique.

So this new Beast mode is basically Horde, but instead of being COG soldiers you assume the roles of the Locust.  There’s one big difference though.  You can play every Locust race from the Tickers up to the Berserkers!  I guess this is achieved by assigning each Locust race to a certain class.  The player will then choose which class they want to be, say a healer, in which case you’d play as the Kantus who can revive people.  Pretty cool huh?  I’ve always wanted to be a ticker, or some fat a*s Boomer.  You can check out some footage of Beast in the first video down below.  I’m digging this Beast mode for sure.  With the class play involved I think it’ll be much more strategic than Horde.

Gears of War 3 Campaign Walkthrough and Beast Mode Details


These next two videos are an interview with Cliff about Gears of War 3.  He doesn’t show anything off, but he does go into some interesting details about the game.  It’s not a bad 10 minutes to watch, so if you want more Gears of War 3 details go ahead and fire up the videos.  You’ve been Beasted…

Cliff B. Interview Part 1


Cliff B. Interview Part 2


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