Gears of War 3 Multi May Have Dedicated Servers! Please God Make This a Reality!!!

I came across a very high detailed article that GamesRadar did on Gears of War 3.  Those lucky bastards got a very in-depth look at the game while they spent some time over at EPIC.  There are tons of details and screenshots, so check out the Via link below to read the full article, but for now I want to zero in on the most important sentence I read in the 6 page piece.  Gears multiplayer junkies get ready to drop a load.  GamesRadar wrote in the Gears of War 3 Multiplyaer section the following statement, “Gears 2’s online action was amazing, but tainted by hellish lag. Never fear – we hear rumours of dedicated servers…”  Yes I wet myself as well when I read that, so lets hope this is going to be true!

I’ve said a million times how Gears of War multiplayer is hands down one of the best competitive shooting experiences you’ll ever play, but it also suffers from mind-numbing, weenie punching, spit flying, connection problems.  There’s nothing worse than pulling your shotty trigger in someones back and they shrug it off and bitch-slap you to your knees.  This awesome chain of events is made possible by the horrible lag that is present in Gears of War multiplayer, chiefly in GOW 2.  I don’t know how many times my crew and I have sworn to never play GOW again because of the shit lag and cursed EPIC for not doing something about it.  With the possibilities of dedicated servers for Gears 3, our prayers may finally be answered.

I’ll keep up my search, and keep my ear to the street to figure out if dedicated servers will be a reality in Gears of War 3.  I’m already geeked about the game coming out next April, but this little gift from the gaming Gods would make me camp out for a month to get my copy first.  Every Gears gamer out there should send dedicated servers vibes throughout the universe to make sure this rumor becomes true.  We would finally get the Gears multiplayer game we’ve been dreaming for!  You’ve been left with a warm and wet feeling in your pants…

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