Gears of War 3 Multiplayer to Have Dedicated Servers, Public Beta, and More!!

And Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!  What a great day in Gears of War history!  In fact, I’d say it’s a monumental day in Gears of War history.  EPIC finally confirmed that Gears of War 3 will in fact use dedicated servers to host multiplayer matches, therefore the host-advantage BS from GOW 1 and 2 should be a thing of the past.  That’s not the only bit of goodness about Gears of War 3 multiplayer that EPIC announced today.  Gears of War 3 will have a public multiplayer beta just like Halo: Reach did to help EPIC work out any additional bugs in the GOW 3 mulitplayer component before the game ships in the fall of 2011.

These two decisions alone should set up the Gears of War 3 multiplayer piece as one of the best multiplayer experiences of all-time.  I’ve always said that if GOW didn’t have all of the lag and host advantage, it would hands down be the best multiplayer out there.  Now I’ll get to see if my opinion will hold true or not, since GOW 3 will have dedicated servers and a beta to help iron out any bugs before launch.  I cringe when I think about GOW 2 and how plagued by issues it was at launch.  I’d say EPIC learned their lesson on that one, and I can’t wait to play this game without the host-advantage factor.

If those two announcements weren’t enough to give you a full on chub, just wait, there’s more.  EPIC is more or less overhauling the entire party and XP system for the Gears of War 3 multiplayer component.  Pretty much everything you do in GOW 3 multi will give you XP.  Instead of your level number being an arbitrary number with no meaning, you’ll actually unlock titles and additional functions like finishers with each level gained.  Similar to Halo or COD there will also be in game medals/ribbons for kill streaks, headshots, first strike, etc.  All of the stats will show in game and best of all it will compare them to your friends.  It really sounds like EPIC is implementing the best of shooter multiplayer functions to their product, so Gears of War 3 should be a masterpiece.

That’s still not all of it.  The game types are changing with the marquee type being team deathmatch.  In TD both teams start with 20 lives and the first team to lose all of their lives from dying will lose the match.  Submission has been merged with the protect the leader game type, and king of the hill will have new tweaks as well.  The pace of play has been picked up by increased movement speed, so our COG soldiers won’t be lumbering around like they have a pile of sh*t in their pants as they did in GOW 2.  Of course there will be new weapons as well with the sawed off shotgun being my early fave.  Weapons will also have an iron sight for more accurate long distance aiming.

I highly recommend you read the in depth article on all of these Gears of War 3 multiplayer details by following the via link below.  IGN goes into a little more depth than my fat a*s cares to type about.  If you’re lazy and don’t want to read the article just know that the changes in store for Gears of War 3 are truly EPIC!  When more details emerge about the public beta I’ll make sure to post them.  In the mean time check out some footage of Gears of War 3 multi below.  You’ve been wanting these changes since 2006…

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