Cliff B., the gaming genius who spawned the Gears of War franchise, tweeted this weekend that wallbouncing may make a return to dominance in Gears of War 3.  Wallbouncing is the art of using the game’s cover mechanic and resulting animation to pull of some insanely fast instagibs that shouldn’t really happen.  You can basically bounce from cover to cover, and if you time your trigger pull right you can essentially liquefy your foe with one pull of the shotty, which more or less makes you invulnerable because you’re in mid-bounce.  I’ll include a video below, which showcases the wall bounce in action.  This is big news for Gears fans, because wallbouncing was greatly diminished in Gears of War 2 after the first few rounds of gameplay tweaks.

Some fans loved it being gone while others loathed it.  I’m all about it, but I’m sane unlike most gamers that play shooters.  If someone finds a way to exploit the game world based on its own rules, i.e. going into cover, and they aren’t cheating in anyway, then I’m all for it.  When you start to find glitches that make the game perform differently than the devs intended, then that’s considered glitching, and I hate people that glitch.  Wallbouncing to me is no different than those GOW players who choose to use the lancer as a mobile chainsaw vacuum cleaner.  Chainsawing  gets a hell of a reaction from other players who’ll accuse you of cheating even though you’re just using the gun the way its meant to be used.  The whining is unbearable sometimes with turds who get angry over gameplay that the devs intended for us gamers to use.  Suck it up p*ssy and learn how to defend yourself from these legal game exploits.  You’ve been superman’d Gears of War style…


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