Gears of War 3 Updates: 4-Player Co-Op, Arcade Modes, Etc.

I may be a little late to the party with these revelations, but after reading the latest issue of Gameinformer I’m totally jacked about Gears of War 3.  The biggest surprise is the inclusion of 4-player co-op, which is a welcome addition to the already awesome campaigns from Gears 1 and 2.

You will be able to play as the good ol’ Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird albeit in different story threads, as well as Anya Stroud and Jace Stratton.  You may remember Anya from the previous games, but Jace comes straight from the expanded universe, which is awesome fan service for fanboys.  I’m totally geeked for this 4-player co-op deal.  I think it’ll make for some great gaming moments with your mates.  Cheers to that EPIC!

I’ve also learned some more details on the enemies of this game, and the weapons you’ll wield to vanquish them.  I guess the main threat is no longer the Locust, it is now the Lambent, which we saw towards the end of the last game.  These SOB’s will provide the greatest threat we have faced to date.  They basically constantly mutate to the point where you really will need 3 other players to take them out.  They spawn new body parts and forms, depending on how you shoot them up.  It seems it’ll make for a great time, and some panicky moments while playing the campaign.  I smell controller smashing!!

Most of the original weapons will make a return with some modifications, and there will be some new ones.  The Lancer is back, and so is its predecessor which doesn’t have a chainsaw but a bayonet for some slashing goodness.  The hammerburst will be amped up to increase its long-range value, and the shotty has been replaced by a double-barrelled sawed-off hand blaster.  A new weapon that will be introduced is called the digger launcher, which fires rounds underground to blast cover snugging pussies.

As far as the heavy hardware, we’ll get all of the grenades back with an incendiary version.  The biggest blaster in Gears 3 will be the one-shot.  It’s a recoiless canon that can take down any baddie in the game with one shot.  As previously mentioned the Silverbacks, or mechs, will also be available to curb stomp enemies, or use as portable cover and turret stations.  Awesome shit.

With all of these sweet tools you have at your disposal for the traditional campaign, you also be able to use them in the new arcade mode.  This is a great addition to the campaign, it will be similar to the Halo 3 arcade mode with scoring added for kills and other crazy destructive mayhem.  It sounds like a great way to get some more life out of the game, and I’m interested to see how it works out.  There will also be modifiers similar to the skulls from Halo, which will change certain aspects of the gameplay.

Finally, some details on the multiplayer piece have been fleshed out.  The levels will be dynamic, meaning that they’ll change throughout the match.  You’ll be able to blow pieces of them up, while other aspects will change on a set schedule kind of like the imulsion lake in the Flood map from Gears 2.  There will also be customizable turrets where you can mount various weapons to create unstoppable killing devices, Bonus!  There will also be new finishers with the flamethrower impale and resulting fire eyes and mouth blast being my early fave.

Whew!  That was a mouthful.  Sorry for the random incoherent gushing, but I wanted to just vomit all of the Gears of War 3 news I read while sitting on the shitter yesterday.  I’m really starting to get pumped for Gears of War 3.  After the mess of Gears 2 Multi I kind of lost my love for the Gears universe, but now that more details about the game are coming out, my love has been rekindled.  Stay tuned for more updates as they’re released.  You’ve been Gears’d up…

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