More details have surfaced about EPIC’s, Gears of War 3.  It seems since flooding the planet in GOW2 the entire surface has been covered in water, so the remaining humans have taken to the seas and banded together on man-made flotillas and islands.  This makes sense considering early reports that some gameplay may take place underwater.  I have to agree with Kotaku, that Gears of War 3 is going the way of “Waterworld” with this human colonies at sea motif, so I hope it doesn’t blow like that movie.

Anya, the behind the scenes tech-girl from the first two Gears, will also be joining the fight as scene in the trailer.  The mechs that have been mentioned before have been given the name of “Silverbacks”.  They do kind of look like gorillas if you stare at them for awhile.  The COG soldiers are all sporting new sleeveless armor, which may be a result of living at sea?  I’m not sure on that one, but this Gears is looking to be much different than its predecessors.  Check out some pics that were taken from some Russian game-mag for examples.

Credit goes to Kotaku for the pics, but I have no clue where they jacked them from, so hopefully I won’t end up in the Gulag.  Click on one to launch the gallery.

Contrary to what you may think, Gears of War 3 will not be the last game in the franchise.  It’ll tie up the current trilogy, but EPIC has said it plans to make more GOW games.  They hinted at possible prequels, spin-offs, and a potential shift to a new genre of game.  All I really care about is EPIC not releasing another POS multiplayer component.  The games will be great like they always are, but another bout of shit MP may cause me to lose interest.  You’ve been COG’d…

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