Gears fans of all ages know the joy of chainsawing their opponents in half, but did they know that those same chainsaws can be used to make some b*tchin art?  That’s right you sadistic lovers of death, there is such a thing as chainsaw art!  Although, I’m not sure all of you should take up this particular hobby considering that a large portion of you are probably unstable teens living in your parent’s basement, but for those of you that are sane, I suggest checking out the video below to give you some inspiration for your new artistic endeavor.

In it you’ll see Griffon Ramsey, who is an artist that happens to use chainsaws and wood as her paint and canvas.  You’ll also get to see her carve up that p*ssy a*s block of wood into one of your favorite gaming icons of all-time!  Check it out below and get to sawing (don’t really do this at home unless you know what you’re doing because you’re probably an idiot)!  You’ve been thinking that you can’t even make art with a pen and paper…

Gears of War Chainsaw Art


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