Gears of War Franchise Has the Best Videogame Shotguns Hands Down!

For some odd reason I’ve been thinking about which videogames out there have the best shotguns in their arsenals.  I thought long and hard, but my one brain cell couldn’t get past the fact that Gears of War has the best shotguns of all-time.  When I say shotguns I’m referring to the traditional Gnasher, and the latest and greatest instagibber, the Sawed-Off.  I really can’t think of another shooter that has a better set of short range weapons than Gears of War.

The thrill of pulling out your shotty in the midst of a clusterf*ck is unparalled.  There’s nothing like turning your enemy, or multiple enemies, into a pile of blood and guts with one trusty pull of the trigger.  Some Gears fans may disagree with me on the Sawed-Off, but that slow moving hand cannon is something to admire as well.  How can you not love a gun that can afford you a Quintuple kill with one shot?  F*cking pwnage!

If I did have to rank the best shotguns in a videogame my list would go: Gnasher (GOW), Sawed-Off (GOW), Multi-barrel shotty (Bulletstorm), Shotty (Halo).  I really can’t think of another game that showcases a life stopping shotgun like GOW.  I mean even Bulletstorms’ franken-shotty pales in stopping power to the Gears of War dynamic duo.  I think these tools are what make Gears of War Multiplayer so engaging to me.  They cause you to focus on the mano y mano aspect of a gun fight, where in other games, players can sti back and cherry pick people with some p*ssy a*s assault rifle rather than get up close and personal like a real man.  I enjoy the feeling that it’s just me and my shotty versus my enemy and his shotty.  No other game has that feeling that I know of.

I’m sure my opinions will rub some fanboy the wrong way, but I just can’t think of another game out there with a more powerful and fun to use shotgun than Gears of War.  The GOW shotties are in a league of their own, and everyone else is in second place.  If you don’t believe me just take a gander at some footage of these life enders in action down below.  Please offer up any other examples you may have in the comments section as well.  You’ve been challenged…

Gears of War 3 Gnasher Tips and Tricks



Gears of War 3 Sawed-off Tips and Tricks



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