Gears of War – I Never Knew Paper Could be This Bad

I guess there’s a hobby that is similar to LEGOs and model building but is centered around paper.  This art form is called papercraft and deals with shaping paper into highly detailed sculptures.  I can tell you right now that this art form would not work for someone like me because it has to require some serious patience and nerves.  These are two things I have a hard time with when working on projects that require me to build something.  Just ask the last file cabinet I tried to build from Wal-Mart.  Let’s just say it ended with some hammer swinging and a trip to the dumpster.

The whole reason I’m writing about papercraft is because I found a Gears of War statue that was created using the technique and it is amazing.  Just look at it up there!  It looks like an actual statue or figurine and not a bunch of paper.  It’s quite a piece of art if you’re in to paper dolls and Gears of War.  Some dude named Alclione created this Mauler sculpture, and if you want to try it out yourself here is a link to the directions and files.  Just don’t get any paper cuts on your sausage fingers!  You’ve been given a creative challenge that’s probably too creative to pull off…
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Via [Gameinformer]


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