Geek Alert: My Little Pony Sculptures Modeled After Pop Culture Icons

It’s not secret that I’ve got the sickness when it comes to collecting toys meant for geeks 5 and under, so you’ll have to excuse my embarrassing excitement over some less than manly collectibles.  An artist by the name of Mari Kasurinen has somehow managed to turn My Little Ponies into customized sculptures of some of the largest Pop Culture icons in the last 50 years.  Her My Little Pony franken-creations range from Iron Man to Edward Scissorhands, and their level of detail is mesmerizing to the point that I actually consider them to be, dare I say it?  Awesome?

I’m not going to go into the long winded explanation of why she chose My Little Pony dolls as her canvas, but you’re more than welcome to read about the full story here.  To sum it up Kasurinen wanted to be different and unique, so she settled on the customization of My Little Ponies for her platform to express her creativity like no one has ever done before her.  These little bad boys aren’t cheap though.  She sells them for anywhere between $720 – $1150!!  They should be called My Little F*cking Expensive Ponies for that price, but after you see some of them below you’ll see why other bozos like me are paying top dollar for some tricked out horse dolls.  I’ve included my favorites, but if you want to see more head on over to this link.  Check out these decked out little equines below.  You’ve been thinking a grand don’t come for free…

My Little Pony Sculptures by Mari Kasurinen

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