Geek Art: Game of Thrones Minimalist Banners

Game of Thrones is a popular book series and TV show thanks to the mind of George R.R. Martin. It should come as no surprise that many fans create wonderful pieces of art to show their love for the show. Some of the fan art is great and some is not so great though.

One collection of radical fan art comes from DeviantArt user Noble–6, who has created some pretty regal looking banners for various Game of Thrones characters. Each banner dawns the house crest and shadowed image of the character. Some are easier than others to guess, while others are very cryptic. Down below you’ll find a gallery of just some of the banners, but be sure to head over to deviantArt to check out the full two pages of banners to admire. You can test yourself and friends to see how may characters you can recognize?

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Via [deviantArt]

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