Geek Art: Nintendo Games Go Dark With Book Covers

Nintendo has always been branded as a family friendly company, rarely putting out any mature games. What if some of your favorite classic Nintendo games were reimagined as dark, gritty novels? Artist Astor Alexander has created some pretty awesome book covers featuring the three leading ladies of Nintendo.

Below you will find Alexander’s creations. Take a moment to admire them


Princess Peach has a knack for getting kidnapped and it is always up to Mario and the gang to save her. Alexander depicts the cover of a woman that is consistently taken. The cover is accompanied by a witty tag line that speaks the truth about the beloved Princess.


Metroid is a memorable game because it was the first of its kind to feature a female as the protagonist. Alexander’s cover proves that Samus is both sexy and deadly. She is the perfect bounty hunter to get rid of those pesky space pirates.


Alexander depicts Link as a detective whose sole mission is to find a princess by the name of Zelda. Who knows what journey awaits the young hero, but what you do know is that Link might as well be a detective because, like Mario, he has to rescue Zelda quite a few times.


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