Geek Art: The Evolution of Superman Captured in Caricature Form


Superman is the original superhero, and his legend was firmly planted in the public’s eye once again this past June thanks to the release of Man of Steel. He’s easily one of the most iconic looking superheroes thanks to his patented skin tight blue suit and red cape. Who doesn’t know what a “S” stands for when its emblazoned on someone’s chest?

Throughout time Superman has been brought to life in other mediums outside of comic books thanks to a select group of actors who have donned the suit and cape. In particular, six actors have become the Man of Steel, well seven if you include Tom Welling’s Clark Kent from Smallville. Each brought a new look to the Kryptonian, and each put their own stamp on the character, giving fans an opportunity to see different takes on Superman.

Geek art extraordinaire, Anthony Geoffroy, has captured the essence of the six main Superman actors in one of his amazingly awesome caricature series called “SUPERMEN.” He took the six actors who have portrayed Superman on TV, or in the movies, and slapped his super deformed take on them with perfection.

There’s just something about the accented features of each actor that really helps to make them stand out from the rest, and gives each piece an undeniable charm. From Reeve’s trademark curly cue, to Cavill’s bulging muscles, there’s no doubt that Geoffroy nailed the essence of each version of Superman in his “SUPERMEN” art gallery. Head on down below to check them out in detail.

You can also check out Anthony’s Fb for more of his awesome caricatures.









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