There’s a variety of Lego architecture to be made with Lego bricks, but what happens to the pieces that don’t get used?

Lego enthusiast Adam Dodge uses unwanted pieces to create some awesome Lego art. Dodge used a sketch of Wolverine from the latest live action film as a reference to create his masterpiece. He was somehow able to replicate muscle definition so that it literally doesn’t just look like a pile of bricks, but like the adamantium man himself. The piece itself looks pretty spot on compared to the original sketch, which you can see below. It truly is impressive to see what one person can do with discarded Lego bricks. Make sure to check out Dodge’s flickr page for more Marvel Lego creations he’s made.



Wolverine isn’t the only Marvel dude that got the Lego treatment though. Spider-Man got in on the action thanks to Thorsten Bonsch, who created a mosaic art piece using his nephews unused Lego collection. Just because the sets weren’t being used doesn’t mean there wasn’t fun to be had with them. He eventually had to give the set back, but at least we were able to be treated to this amazing piece. If you like his stuff, be sure to check out his flickr page for more Lego goodness.



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