Geeks at NUI Group Hack Kinect, Have it Working on Windows 7 OS

It didn’t even take a week for someone to reverse engineer the drivers for Kinect to work on a Windows 7 PC!  AlexP from the NUI Group (Geeky Company), posted on their forums his findings and some videos of the testing they’ve done with the Kinect and a PC.  They don’t have it fully replicating what it can do when hooked up to a Xbox 360, but it is definitely reading in the Kinect inputs and able to display video.  How long do you think before Microsoft puts out a hotfix for Windows 7 to block any further attempts of hooking up the Kinect to a PC?  Faster than they stole the GUI from Apple!  Check out the videos below.  You’ve been wanting someone to do this…

Windows 7 reading the sensor data of the Kinect


Windows 7 reading and tracking the Kinect camera


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