Geeky Beer? Try New England Imperial Stout Trooper!

Courtesy of @zennie20 & @hoptopia on Twitter

My suds addicted friend sent me a link for a particular brand of beer that any geek would appreciate.  That’s because the beer riffs on the Star Wars Universe with its awesome name and label.  Unfortunately, Darth Lucas shut down the original label, which featured a Stormtrooper on it.  New England Brewing made some creative changes to the label giving the Stormtrooper the old Groucho Marx glasses.  I love their ingenuity and not so subtle “blow me” message to Lucasfilm.  Unfortunately, I think drunks will have to make their way to the North East Coast to grab the Imperial Stout Trooper, as it’s not available outside of Connecticut.  Hopefully your hyper-drives are working!  You’ve been wondering if the Stout Trooper tastes like Aunt Beru’s blue milk…

E.B. “Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

Via [Beernews] [ratings]

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