‘Genital Jousting’ Thrusts Its Way Out of Early Access

This is probably the most exciting news I have heard all week. Indie developer Free Lives and Devolver Digital have announced that Genital Jousting will be pulling out of Early Access and into full release. The 1.0 launch of the game introduces a story mode with a fully voice narrative that follows a schlong named John who is trying to find love in a world that doesn’t love him back. Since its inception, Genital Jousting has satisfied 300,00 players and quickly became the most popular online sex party video game of the past decade. To celebrate, Devolver and Free Lives have released a special plus to commemorate the launch of the game. The 10 inch Genital Jousting plush will only be available for a limited time (You can purchase it here). It is complete with sounds when you squeeze it, a little outfit and gives you access to the full game via a code and will only run you about $30.

As if that wasn’t enough, Genital Jousting has inserted its way into the world of eSports. On January 18th, brought together some of the greatest Genital Jousting players in the world for competitive battles, story mode demonstrations and they even gave away some free stuff. Get ready to experience the greatest narrative in the history of video games, as Genital Jousting thrusts into release for only $6.99! We got to check this game out last year and it was fantastic! Check out the story mode trailer above, head on over to the website for more info and make sure to visit their Steam page to purchase your copy!

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