George Lucas is Retiring from Being a Man and a Filmmaker

George Lucas has stated that Red Tails will be the last movie he ever makes.  The Father of Star Wars is finally calling it quits, and his retirement may be a result of his dissatisfaction with how Hollywood snubbed his Red Tails project for nearly 20 years.  While doing press for the WWII film George has said on many occasions that studios wouldn’t even consider funding Red Tails because it featured a main cast that was devoid of a white person.  Yes, even in the year 2012 we as a nation still have a hard time accepting African-Americans in leading positions.  It’s a sad tale indeed, and proves that we have many more years to go before we are a truly equal nation.

Lucas’ retirement may or may not be a direct result of his Red Tails struggles, but the industry icon has had enough with the biz, so he’s hanging up his movie hat.  In a recent statement Lucas said, “I’m retiring. I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.”  That definitely sounds like a man who is more upset with the state of the film making business than someone who just wants to retire, but I’ll leave that mystery up to you.

His producer Rick McCallum also offered a statement in regards to Lucas retiring, and his choice of words is very curious.  He said, “Once this is finished, he’s done everything he’s ever wanted to do. He will have completed his task as a man and a filmmaker.”  Does that mean he’s going to just disappear like Obi-Wan Kenobi?  What exactly does it mean to have accomplished your “task as a man”?  I do that everyday with the help of my hand or my wife, so I’m curious as to what that could mean for George.

Oh well, I guess we don’t have to worry about him f*cking up Star Wars anymore, but regardless of your thoughts on his SW follies he’s still one of the greatest film innovators of all-time.  I’ll miss him, but just a little bit.  It saddens me to say that, because there was a time where I would’ve gladly received AIDS if it meant I’d get to meet him, but then the prequels happened and my grand illusion of him came crashing down.  You’ve been thinking that this news would have been more depressing if the prequels were worth a damn…


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