Get a Nostalgia Trip in the New Platforming Title ‘Rad Rogers’

Get ready to jump back into the 90’s with this new platformer from THQ Nordic and Slipgate Studios. Rad Rogers is a Kickstarter funded game inspired by such classics as Commander Keen, Conker Jazz Jackrabbit. This new platformer is set to release on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on February 21st! You can check out the trailer for Rad Rogers above! Anyone that already has it on PC will be receiving a free update as part of the launch (which will already be apart of the console versions).

Jon St. John voices Dusty, Roger’s foul mouthed console.

The update/release will feature tons of new things like Leaderboards, score big at the end of each level and compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score. You will be able to customize Rad Rogers with more than 20 new hats to unlock. Some new levels include new Vertical Pogo Stick levels, where you grab a pogo stick and see just how far you can get. There are some new Pixelverse Puzzles, which have been redesigned to give you an extra challenge. On top of all that there are five new levels, two of which are utterly massive! Mini-Bosses make an entry, introducing two new mini-bosses to the game. Get ready to fight four new enemies, the spiky jellyfish, powerful laser heads and the two new mini-bosses. Lastly, Rogers will be able to wield the, “Excalibat,” becoming invincible and tearing through enemies!

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