Get a Small Snippet of Progression in ‘Dauntless’

Ahead of E3 Phoenix Labs has released a small trailer that sort of explains how some of the progression works in their upcoming PC monster slaying title, Dauntless. If you are a fan of the Monster Hunter series of games then this is something you want to get on the ground floor of. The trailer above shows a band of slayers trying to hunt a Behemoth, which is this games generic names for the big bad monsters. You see that they aren’t strong enough so they slay a different Behemoth to gain new gear that enables them to take on the other one.

This trailer showcases a new Behemoth by the name of Skraev which is a giant frost owl that poses a huge threat for the slayers. Also in this trailer is the fourth weapon class for the slayers, the Chain Blades. The Chain Blades let you create your own opportunities for getting in quick and dishing out a ton of damage. Make sure to head on over to their website and grab yourself a Founder’s Pack so you can start playing the Founder’s alpha test! You can find that link right here.

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