Get an Inside Look at Star Wars Rebels: In the Name of the Rebellion

Last night on Star Wars Rebels the Phoenix squadron made their way to Yavin IV and got mixed up with Saw Gerrera during a mission against the Empire, and the events provided some backstory to major plot moments from other Star Wars properties.

In a new episode of Rebels Recon, fans are treated to an inside look at the episode, which was broken into two separate episodes spanning one overall plot arc. Dave Filoni provides insights into what went down, and why certain characters did what they did in the episode. If you saw the two-parter, then you know that this episode provided plenty of insights into the Rebellion’s operations before it knew of the Death Star. To me, this episode served as a sequel of sorts to Rogue One, because it starts to piece together how the Empire built the Death Star, and also how the Rebellion began to figure out what the Empire was up to.

Head on up above to check out the inside look at the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels. You can also check out three clips from the two-part episode below.

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